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Benefits of a Robotic Ready Torque Screwdriver

Benefits of adding a Robotic Ready Torque Screwdriver to Your Assembly Operations

  • Cut Assembly Time Down and Boost Productivity
  • Optimize the Assembly Area
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Reduce the Number of Mistakes

What is a Robotic Ready Torque Screwdriver?

Assembly robots are computer-programmed and controlled machines that are used in manufacturing. A robotic ready torque screwdriver is a torque system that is built with a robotic mounting plate that quickly and easily allows the screwdriver to be attached to an existing robotic system. There is no easier way to add a torque screwdriver to a robot today than robotic ready torque screwdrivers.

The robotic ready screwdriver is also fitted with a vacuum pickup nose piece. This vacuum nose piece can be used to suction screws onto the screwdriver and hold the screw steady so that it is ready for attachment. 

Robotic Ready Torque Screwdriver

Why use these torque screwdrivers?

Assembly line automation is changing the way assembly operations are managed. The combination of an assembly robot, high-performance torque screwdriver, and vacuum pickup system makes assembly operations as efficient as possible by reducing assembly time and boosting assembly productivity. Common usages for these systems are robotic applications that require repeatable low torque control.

The vacuum nose piece on the screwdriver ensures precision fastener placement during the assembly process. It also helps to eliminate many of the errors that can be made by human operators and reduces labor costs.

In addition, a smart power supply or signal controller can be added to the screwdriver system. This allows the operator to obtain vital assembly information such as screw count, good/bad torque, good/bad turns, and other information.

Low Torque Robotic Ready Vacuum Screwdrivers

Medium Torque Robotic Ready Vacuum Screwdrivers