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Benefits of adding a Vacuum Pickup System to Torque Screwdriver Assembly Operations

Main Benefits of Adding a Vacuum Pickup System to Torque Screwdriver Assembly Operations

  • Cut Assembly Time Down and Boost Productivity
  • Pick and Place Operation
  • Precision Fastener Placement
  • Works with Non-Magnetic Screws
  • Economical Option

What is a Vacuum Pickup System?

A vacuum pickup system is a device used to suction screws onto a torque screwdriver during the assembly process. Simply fit your torque screwdriver with the nosepiece of the vacuum pump system to engage the system. The vacuum nosepiece sucks the screw and holds it steady so it is instantly ready for attachment, preventing the need for an operator to pick the screw and place it by hand. This speeds up the fastening process and significantly cuts down assembly time.

Vacuum pickup systems are especially useful for picking up non-magnetic screws, including stainless, brass, and plastic fasteners. The system consists of a nosepiece, hose, and vacuum pump. It can generally accommodate screw head sizes 3.2mm – 10mm. Custom nose pieces are available for screw head sizes not offered or unique applications.


Express Assembly Vacuum Pickup System for Torque Screwdriver Assembly Operations


Why use a Vacuum Pickup System?

A vacuum pickup system erases the need for manual pick and placement of screws which cuts assembly time down and boosts productivity. These pickup systems use vacuum power to attach the screw to the tip of the driver, allowing for precise fastener placement. This precision placement gives the operator maximum agility that is especially beneficial in confined or hard to reach applications. These systems can also be an economical option to an automated screw feeding system.

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Torque Screwdrivers Compatible with Vacuum Pump Systems

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