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Benefits of Cordless Tools for Assembly Applications

In the debate over whether to use corded or cordless tools, you might think that cordless would prevail for all. And while many prefer the convenience benefits associated with battery-operated tools, there are some considerations that you should be aware of when it comes to these accessories. In this post, we’ll cover some of the key benefits of cordless tools for assembly applications. Here’s a closer look:

Benefits of Cordless Tools for Assembly Applications

  1. Ideal for mobility, portability

One of the best things about using cordless, battery-operated tools on any assembly project is the convenience they offer. They’re ideal for assembly applications that require maneuverability or work in confined spaces. With cordless tools, you can literally use them anywhere without having to worry about power sources or managing extension cords for continuous operation.  So if your assembly applications require the operator to move around the work part a battery tool may be a great fit for your application.

  1. No need for secondary power sources

Like we said in the above point, cordless power tools don’t require secondary power sources, like air compressors or electricity, to operate. This makes them much more convenient to use and eliminates the hassle of running extension cords or air hoses to power devices. 

If your assembly environment is constantly being reconfigured for different jobs battery tools also give you a bigger array of floor setups since getting power to a tool is not an issue. 

  1. Battery storage

“Range anxiety” is a thing of the past when it comes to battery-operated tools. Most of today’s tools are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which hold a significant charge throughout your assembly project. These tools are also typically much lighter in weight than conventional electrically-powered tools, which can help reduce worker fatigue. Another nice thing about lithium-ion batteries is that the charge won’t deplete if the tool is not in use – so you shouldn’t have to recharge your batteries in advance of using any of your tools.

  1. Torque Accuracy 

Todays assembly cordless torque screwdrivers have the same torque accuracy as full auto shutoff clutched electric and air torque screwdrivers.  For most cases the torque accuracy is +- 3% which is the recommended accuracy for the majority of todays assembly applications.

  1. Types of Battery Screwdrivers.


You can now purchase battery torque screwdrivers in the three major body types inline, Pistol and Angle Head from Express Assembly Products.   All with a full auto shutoff clutch and +- 3% torque accuracy.   We have these units in stock and have experts to help you choose the correct solution for you application.   We also have a 30 day exchange or money back policy so you can be assured to get the correct tool for your assembly application.  



 Considerations When Using Cordless Tools

Though there are several benefits associated with using cordless tools, there are also a few considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind.

  1. Invest in extra batteries

While lithium-ion batteries hold a lot of power, they will eventually deplete the more you use your tools – and you don’t want to pause your assembly project while you wait for the battery to recharge. It’s why it’s a good idea to invest in extra batteries for your tools, so you can ensure that your work can continue even if a battery loses its power. We suggest investing in a toolset where batteries can interchange between your devices. 

  1. Greater upfront cost

Battery-powered tools typically come with a higher upfront cost, though many users find paying a little bit extra more than worth it for the benefits that these types of tools offer. 

  1. For applications that do not require an operator on the move

We are still recommending traditional air and electric torque screwdrivers for applications that do not require the operator to move around or require a flexible work environment.  Battery tools tend to cost more and are often candidates for theft.    

For more information on the benefits and considerations to factor into your decision to purchase battery-powered tools, contact Express Assembly today. We’re committed to helping arm you with the right solutions to streamline the assembly of your next application. Contact us today at 1-866-864-2303 or fill out our contact form