Torque Readout Screwdrivers – New Product Announcement

Torque Readout Screwdrivers

Express Assembly Products is introducing Sumake North America’s line of Torque Readout Screwdrivers.  Sumake’s system allows the user to capture vital screwdriver readings including torque range, fastener turns, fastening times and screw count.  The new system combines Smart Torque Readout Display with Sumake’s premium brushless torque clutched screwdriver technology. The Torque Control Brushless Screwdriverssystem… Continue reading

The Difference Between Clutched Type Tools and Oil Pulse Tools

What is the difference between clutched type tools and Oil Pulse Tools? Why would I want to use one over the other?

There are several major differences that one must be aware of when choosing between these 2 different types of tools. The most important factor is the torque range of the assembly job. Other… Continue reading

Why Get an Industrial Electric Torque Screwdriver

We are often asked how our electric torque screwdrivers are different than the tools you can purchase at your local hardware store. Tools made for industrial assembly applications are designed to run all day, 7 days a week, even multiple shifts a day.  The tools offered by local hardware stores just cannot keep up to… Continue reading

Adjusting the Torque on an Electric Screwdriver

There are two simple methods of adjusting an Electric Torque Screwdriver from Express Assembly Products to the correct torque your assembly application requires.

Torque Curve

The first way of adjusting torque is to go to the Select the model screwdriver you want to calibrate. Then select the "Features" tab. Click the, “Click here for… Continue reading

Why use an electric torque screwdriver on assembly applications?

There are 5 reasons why companies switch to torque screwdrivers:electric-torque-screwdriver

  1. To ensure that fasteners are fastened with exact repeatable torque values. Many assembly applications are required by engineering design specifications or government specifications to ensure fasteners are torqued to a specific value within a +-3% torque deviation. Electric Torque Screwdrivers are ideal for these requirements.… Continue reading

Thank you for stopping by our Booth at the Assembly Show!


It was great seeing some of our customers at the Assembly Show this year.  We have done this show over the last couple of years and it continues to grow and be a great place to see trends in our industry.  It is also a great place to talk with customers about their assembly projects and possible… Continue reading

Cordless Torque Screwdrivers with Brushless Motors


Express Assembly Products is now offering Cordless Torque Screwdrivers. The torque is externally adjustable via a torque knob and has a torque accuracy of ±3%. Built with a strong texture grip these torque screwdrivers are ergonomically designed to ensure the operators comfort.

Our cordless screwdriver have a brushless motor that generates less heat, requires less… Continue reading

New Air Torque Screwdriver with Keyless Chuck

ACDN Torque Screwdriver

Air Torque Screwdriver ACDN series

Express Assembly Products announces a new series of Air Torque Screwdrivers, ACDN, provided with a keyless chuck. ACDN models allow the operator to use drill bits and tapping bits, where our traditional ACPN models works with 1/4 inch hex bits. The ACDN series covers a torque range from 10 – 110 in-lbs… Continue reading

Great questions from a customer today:

Question:  We are a small manufacturer and are in the market for affordable torque drivers that can be made tamper proof and are calibratable.  Prefer direct plug in AC.  Not sure how much torque we need and would like to know if there is a guide for recommended torques for different materials and screws available?… Continue reading

Check out our new Torque Wrenches

September 2013

Just Arrived!

Torque Wrenches


Choose from 8 Torque Wrench Models: Digital and Click-Type

Express Assembly's Torque Wrenches are externally adjustable using an external torque scale and an easy to use torque knob or digital buttons. These torque wrenches prevent any fastener or bolt from being under and over tightened. Wrenches automatically reset after… Continue reading

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