Slip clutch vs full auto shut off clutch


full auto shut off clutch screwdriverThe full auto shut off clutch screwdriver turns the screwdriver completely off once the torque setting is reached, assuring that no damage is done to the fastener or the joint.


slip clutch screwdriver

The slip clutch screwdriver, also known as the cushion clutch, slips once the torque setting is reached, until the operator… Continue reading

Choosing the right torque screwdriver for an assembly application

Choosing the right torque screwdriver for an assembly application


How is Torque is provided to a torque screwdriver?

  • Manually
  • Electric Motor
  • Battery
  • Pneumatic Drive

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Answer When Selecting a Torque Screwdriver.

Do not be quick to purchase the first torque screwdriver that catches your eye. Not all torque screwdrivers work in the… Continue reading

Using a Torque Meter to Set a Torque Screwdriver

What is a torque meter

A torque meter, also known as a torque sensor or torque transducer is a device used to measure and record the torque on a rotating system such as a gearbox, engine, crankshaft, transmission, bicycle crank, cap torque tester or rotor. While static torque is easy to measure dynamic torque… Continue reading

Stop Using DIY Battery Tools for Your Assembly Applications

Use a real assembly Full-Auto Shutoff Clutched Inline Battery Screwdriver ensuring the reliability and torque accuracy these applications require.

One of Express Assembly Product’s newest products is our Inline 10.8V Cordless Brushless Full Auto Shut-Off Screwdriver. This is the first industry strength inline cordless screwdriver in the marketplace and they are doing great!

Why use a Torque Meter with Clutch-Type Screwdrivers

When it comes to an assembly application, not only is an accurate and repeatable torque driver paramount, but so is ensuring the proper toque is set.   A torque meter often plays a crucial role in accurately setting the torque on one of our electric or pneumatic torque screwdrivers.  Each of our drivers features an index… Continue reading

New Premium Brushless DC Pistol Screwdrivers

Pistol-Grip-Torque-Screwdriver-SumakeNorthAmerica_mediumExpress Assembly Products pistol grip screwdrivers are now available! Ergonomic brushless torque screwdrivers are perfect for assembly applications and we have a wide range of tools to choose form.  Need help please call us with would love to talk with you about assembly applications requirements (1-866-863-2302) … call today we are here!  See our inventory… Continue reading

Torque Readout Screwdrivers – New Product Announcement

Torque Readout Screwdrivers

Express Assembly Products is introducing Sumake North America’s line of Torque Readout Screwdrivers.  Sumake’s system allows the user to capture vital screwdriver readings including torque range, fastener turns, fastening times and screw count.  The new system combines Smart Torque Readout Display with Sumake’s premium brushless torque clutched screwdriver technology. The Torque Control Brushless Screwdriverssystem… Continue reading

The Difference Between Clutched Type Tools and Oil Pulse Tools

What is the difference between clutched type tools and Oil Pulse Tools? Why would I want to use one over the other?

There are several major differences that one must be aware of when choosing between these 2 different types of tools. The most important factor is the torque range of the assembly job. Other… Continue reading

Why Get an Industrial Electric Torque Screwdriver

We are often asked how our electric torque screwdrivers are different than the tools you can purchase at your local hardware store. Tools made for industrial assembly applications are designed to run all day, 7 days a week, even multiple shifts a day.  The tools offered by local hardware stores just cannot keep up to… Continue reading

Adjusting the Torque on an Electric Screwdriver

There are two simple methods of adjusting an Electric Torque Screwdriver from Express Assembly Products to the correct torque your assembly application requires.

Torque Curve

The first way of adjusting torque is to go to the Select the model screwdriver you want to calibrate. Then select the "Features" tab. Click the, “Click here for… Continue reading

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