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Why use an electric torque screwdriver on assembly applications?

There are 5 reasons why companies switch to torque screwdrivers:electric-torque-screwdriver

  1. To ensure that fasteners are fastened with exact repeatable torque values. Many assembly applications are required by engineering design specifications or government specifications to ensure fasteners are torqued to a specific value within a +-3% torque deviation. Electric Torque Screwdrivers are ideal for these requirements.… Continue reading

Thank you for stopping by our Booth at the Assembly Show!


It was great seeing some of our customers at the Assembly Show this year.  We have done this show over the last couple of years and it continues to grow and be a great place to see trends in our industry.  It is also a great place to talk with customers about their assembly projects and possible… Continue reading

Cordless Torque Screwdrivers with Brushless Motors


Express Assembly Products is now offering Cordless Torque Screwdrivers. The torque is externally adjustable via a torque knob and has a torque accuracy of ±3%. Built with a strong texture grip these torque screwdrivers are ergonomically designed to ensure the operators comfort.

Our cordless screwdriver have a brushless motor that generates less heat, requires less… Continue reading

Check out our new Torque Wrenches

September 2013

Just Arrived!

Torque Wrenches


Choose from 8 Torque Wrench Models: Digital and Click-Type

Express Assembly's Torque Wrenches are externally adjustable using an external torque scale and an easy to use torque knob or digital buttons. These torque wrenches prevent any fastener or bolt from being under and over tightened. Wrenches automatically reset after… Continue reading

Great questions from a customer: What is the difference between full auto and cushion type clutch?


The auto-shutoff clutch turns the screwdriver completely off once the torque setting is reached, assuring that no damage is done to the fastener or the joint.  The slip clutch, also known as the cushion clutch slips, once the torque setting is reached, until the operator releases the activation lever.   The auto clutch has a… Continue reading

Want to reduce assembly time? Screwfeeders are the answer!

Screwdriving can be a relatively slow process when you rely on a person to grab a fastener and orient it properly. A screwfeeder improves throughput by automatically feeding screws quickly and properly oriented to the assembly tool.

Our screw feeders come ready to go with no setup time for our customers … just add screws… Continue reading

Introducing New Torque Reaction Arms


Want to increase assembly productivity and accuracy while reducing operator fatigue?

Use a torque reaction arm. Torque arms suspend tools over the assembly operation and absorb the torque produced by assembly tools. They are a must-have for tools with torque ranges higher than 80 in-lb.

Express Assembly now offers three styles of Torque arms:… Continue reading

Just Added Power Supply with Integrated Screw Counter

We're now carrying a handy power supply for our line of brushless screwdrivers. The power supply controls the RPM of the drivers and has a built-in screw counter to prevent screw fastening errors. Continue reading

Question: How much does it cost to ship your products?


Answer:   Within the Continental United States, we charge a flat fee of $7.50 for orders under $50.00 and $9.95 for any orders over $50.00 – this is for UPS Ground.   Shipping Next Day (UPS Red) or Two Day (UPS Blue) we charge UPS published shipping charges.  Shipping outside the USA we charge UPS… Continue reading

All About Torque Tools and Assembly Applications

Welcome to the Express Assembly blog! This is a big step for us because we are far more accustomed to talking about torque assembly tools, selling them, and fixing them than we are with writing about them. But it’s important to us that our customers and potential customers have the information they need to make smart decisions about assembly tools. Since we answer a lot of questions during the course of the day, we thought it made sense to share some of this information in a more public way. Continue reading

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