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Why Get an Industrial Electric Torque Screwdriver

We are often asked how our electric torque screwdrivers are different than the tools you can purchase at your local hardware store. Tools made for industrial assembly applications are designed to run all day, 7 days a week, even multiple shifts a day.  The tools offered by local hardware stores just cannot keep up to… Continue reading

Great questions from a customer: What is the difference between full auto and cushion type clutch?


The auto-shutoff clutch turns the screwdriver completely off once the torque setting is reached, assuring that no damage is done to the fastener or the joint.  The slip clutch, also known as the cushion clutch slips, once the torque setting is reached, until the operator releases the activation lever.   The auto clutch has a… Continue reading

Introducing New Torque Reaction Arms


Want to increase assembly productivity and accuracy while reducing operator fatigue?

Use a torque reaction arm. Torque arms suspend tools over the assembly operation and absorb the torque produced by assembly tools. They are a must-have for tools with torque ranges higher than 80 in-lb.

Express Assembly now offers three styles of Torque arms:… Continue reading

Just got a great email from a customer!


This customer sent in a screwdriver to be certified.  We notice that the driver was not engaging in reverse direction.  Since the driver was in to be certified we took it apart and repaired it for the customer.   Here is what our customer wrote to us in an email:

 “I just wanted to… Continue reading

Question: If we are using the torque screwdrivers for panel mounting components that are using self-tapping screws, will I limit out on torque producing the initial tapping versus the torque needed for final seating of a screw?


The technical answer is if the end torque is higher than the self-tapping torque you should be all set.  This is true for large screw but hard to know for smaller screws.  What we recommend is to purchase a driver that meets your end torque specification and try it out.  We have a 30 day… Continue reading

Questions: We are a UL508A panel shop and require power (electric: AC or DC) adjustable torque screwdrivers (that can be re-calibrated and certified annually) to build our control panels to satisfy UL requirements.


We would make the following recommendations:

1) ED-630P1 (link) – Great driver torque range from 8.0 – 26 in-lbs, rpm 1000, tolerance -+3%, cost $410, and full auto-shut off clutch.  If you have are concerned about EDS this would not be the best pick.

2) EA-722P(ESD) (link) – Great driver torque… Continue reading

Question: We are trying to insert type 23 self tapping screws into steel 3/8 x 1″ long 16 tooth. Do you have a drill/torque gun that will work in this application. We need to torque out at 50 foot pounds.

Answer: For that high of a torque I would recommend one of our Oil Pulse tools.  These are great tools for higher torque and do have a torque adjustment knob on them.  Take a look at out IPW-430 and let me know what you think.  This is a great tool not loud… Continue reading

Question: Do I need any special power supply for the electric screwdriver?

Answer:  Absolutely not. The only thing you need is an AC outlet for our ES and ED series electric screwdrivers.  Our DC (EA series) screwdrivers come with a power supply that plugs directly into an AC outlet.   When you buy one of our screwdrivers it comes ready to use for the price you see on… Continue reading

Torque Screwdriver Calibration Basics

Torque assembly tool calibration program from Express Assembly

Calibrating a torque screwdriver or torque meter insures that it performs within its technical specification. Most torque screwdrivers have a minimum and maximum torque value, along with a standard torque deviation percentage. When you have a screwdriver calibrated, you ensure that a screwdriver maintains its standard torque deviation percentage at its minimum, maximum, and several… Continue reading

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