New Premium Brushless DC Pistol Screwdrivers

Pistol-Grip-Torque-Screwdriver-SumakeNorthAmerica_mediumExpress Assembly Products pistol grip screwdrivers are now available! Ergonomic brushless torque screwdrivers are perfect for assembly applications and we have a wide range of tools to choose form.  Need help please call us with would love to talk with you about assembly applications requirements (1-866-863-2302) … call today we are here!  See our inventory

New models have torque ranges of 2.6 – 42 in-lbs. They have brushless motors that generate less heat, requires less maintenance, and are also ideal for clean-room appliactions. These electric screwdriver have a full Auto Shut-Off clutch which completely stops the bit from turning once the torque setting is reached. A selection of power supplies controllers are available that provide Hi/Lo speed, Slow Start, Output Signals, and fastener counter, and run down verification functionality. Common usages for this screwdriver are demanding assembly fastening applications that require one or all the following: torque control, RPM control, or screw counting functionality.  

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