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Torque Readout Screwdrivers – New Product Announcement

Express Assembly Products is introducing Sumake North America’s line of Torque Readout Screwdrivers.  Sumake’s system allows the user to capture vital screwdriver readings including torque range, fastener turns, fastening times and screw count.  The new system combines Smart Torque Readout Display with Sumake’s premium brushless torque clutched screwdriver technology. The system provides instant Torque Readout

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Why Get an Industrial Electric Torque Screwdriver

We are often asked how our electric torque screwdrivers are different than the tools you can purchase at your local hardware store. Tools made for industrial assembly applications are designed to run all day, 7 days a week, even multiple shifts a day.  The tools offered by local hardware stores just cannot keep up to

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Adjusting the Torque on an Electric Screwdriver

There are two simple methods of adjusting an Electric Torque Screwdriver from Express Assembly Products to the correct torque your assembly application requires. Torque Curve The first way of adjusting torque is to go to the Select the model screwdriver you want to calibrate. Then select the “Features” tab. Click the, “Click here for

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Why use an electric torque screwdriver on assembly applications?

There are 5 reasons why companies switch to torque screwdrivers: To ensure that fasteners are fastened with exact repeatable torque values. Many assembly applications are required by engineering design specifications or government specifications to ensure fasteners are torqued to a specific value within a +-3% torque deviation. Electric Torque Screwdrivers are ideal for these requirements.

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