Questions: We are a UL508A panel shop and require power (electric: AC or DC) adjustable torque screwdrivers (that can be re-calibrated and certified annually) to build our control panels to satisfy UL requirements.


We would make the following recommendations:

1) ED-630P1 (link) – Great driver torque range from 8.0 – 26 in-lbs, rpm 1000, tolerance -+3%, cost $410, and full auto-shut off clutch.  If you have are concerned about EDS this would not be the best pick.

2) EA-722P(ESD) (link) – Great driver torque range from 5.0 – 25 in-lbs, rpm 1000/600, tolerance -+3%, cost $610, full auto-shut off clutch, and EDS protected.  

The above screwdrivers can also be purchased with a lever start options.  We can cert the driver for you at a yearly cost of $55 and we can also offer you free cert's when you purchase from us.

Our screwdrivers come with a evaluation period to ensure that you get the perfect tool for the job.  If you have any questions at please feel free to contact us directly and have a great day! 

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