Stop Using DIY Battery Tools for Your Assembly Applications

Use a real assembly Full-Auto Shutoff Clutched Inline Battery Screwdriver ensuring the reliability and torque accuracy these applications require.

One of Express Assembly Product’s newest products is our Inline 10.8V Cordless Brushless Full Auto Shut-Off Screwdriver. This is the first industry strength inline cordless screwdriver in the marketplace and they are doing great!

Why did we build a Battery Inline Screwdriver? Our customers asked us for an inline cordless torque screwdriver that provides:
  • freedom for operator movement
  • easy workstation setup
  • long battery life
  • and most importantly, torque accuracy.
Our battery inline drivers meet all these requirements as well as utilize the same precision shut-off clutch technology as our Premium Brushless Screwdrivers product line.

Inline Cordless Torque Screwdrivers Packages:

  • Torque Ranges: 2.7 – 40 in-lbs
  • Brushless Motor requires no maintenance and comes with a 2-year Warranty
  • Automatic shut-off precision clutch
  • Hi/Lo Speed Selection switch
  • Power source: 10.8 V Li-ion Battery
  • Standard Torque Deviation: +/-3(%)
  • Weight: 1.98 lbs with Battery

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Inline Battery Screwdriver best assembly inline driver in the market

Sumake Inline Battery Screwdriver packages come with 2 batteries and a charger.

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