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Welcome to the Express Assembly blog! This is a big step for us because we are far more accustomed to talking about torque assembly tools, selling them, and fixing them than we are with writing about them. But it’s important to us that our customers and potential customers have the information they need to make smart decisions about assembly tools. Since we answer a lot of questions during the course of the day, we thought it made sense to share some of this information in a more public way.

Our Bloggers


Jack Hagerty Express Assembly Products




Jack is our Customer Service Support Engineer. He will be posting weekly with answers to questions that are received by phone, email or blog comments.





                 Jack Hagerty



Steve DeFilippo, Express Assembly Products




Steve is a Technical Engineer at Express Assembly Products. He will be providing practical, “how to” videos.





                 Steve DeFilippo


Our goal for the blog is to create an online community where we can share information, insights and opinions to help provide solutions and enhance our productivity in the assembly field. Comments are encouraged!


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