Torque Readout Package EA BNK9350PC6

Torque Readout Package EA BNK9350PC6
Key Features
  • Torque Range 106.2 - 309.8  in-lb
  • Brushless Motor, RPM 260/350
  • Push to Start
  • Can be ordered with an ESD Safe Housing
Comes with: EAA-CTDS Torque Readout System, EA-BNK9350P/C6 driver and a SP-B40HL801T/C6 Power Supply

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This package contains everything needed to record torque values for critical assembly applications. It comes with an Electric Torque Screwdrivers (EA-BNK9350P/C6) our advance torque readout system (EAA-CTDS). Our premium brushless torque clutched screwdrivers technology with the additional capability of a smart torque readout system with screw counting functionality. The additional screw counting functionality assures that the user has inserted the correct number of screws without stripping or cross-threading. All this information is displayed on the control unit (to help guide the user through the assembly process) and the Data Acquisition System (to allow for torque and system settings to be captured). The clutched screwdriver assures that the set toque is reached within a +- 3% accuracy and the EAA-CTDS provides a visual system to aid to the user as well as an integrated computer transmission system. In addition to the torque readout the EAA-CTDS system can also provide Input/Output capabilities for additional torque control.

The EA-BNK9350P/C6 screwdriver must be used with the EAA-CTDS Torque Readout System. This lever-start torque limiting screwdriver, model EA-BNK9350P/C6, has a range of 106.21 - 309.8 in-lbs with a housing designed to ensure the operator's comfort. It has a brushless motor that generates less heat, requires less maintenance, and is ideal for clean-rooms. Common usages for this screwdriver are demanding assembly fastening applications that require one or all the following: torque control, ESD protection, or screw counting functionality.

Screwdrvier Features:
  • Push to start
  • Brushless Motor (ideal for clean-rooms)
  • One year Warranty
  • Can be ordered with an ESD housing
  • Automatic shut-off precision clutch
  • Reverse/forward switch
  • Torque adjustable by external dial.
  • Screwdriver Control: Speed (Hi/Low)
Torque Readout Features:
  • Comes with Sumake CTDS Data Acquisition Software System
    • Captures Torque Readings via computer
      • Torque Value
      • Torque Status (Good/No Good)
      • Time
      • Threads
      • Screw Count
  • Programmable both at the single fastener job and multiple fastener job
  • Auto Clear display
  • Minimum and maximum number of rotation signal
  • Units (in-lbs, KGF and Nm)
  • Screw Counter: 1 - 99
  • Count direction: Up or down
  • Programmable time windows for Good/No Good fastener verification
  • NG alarm: On/Off with LED
  • OK alarm: On/Off with LED
  • External Inputs: Start forward direction ,start in reverse, disable driver
  • External Outputs: OK/NG/OK All, brake

  • Power source: 32 or 40 VDC
  • Torque setting: Stepless
  • Torque range: 106.21 - 309.8 in-lb (12-35 Nm)
  • High R.P.M: 350
  • Low R.P.M: 260
  • Standard Torque Deviation: +-3%
  • Weight: 5.06 lb (2300g)
  • Length: 15.1" (328mm)
  • CE certified

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