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Category: Express Assembly News

Express Assembly Launches NEW SMT-C2 Smart Controller

Express Assembly is releasing its newest product, the SMT-C2 Smart Controller and Transducerized Screwdriver. This industrial tightening solution features an angle-tightening driver and a touchscreen user interface.  Angle tightening drivers, also known as angle-controlled tightening tools, are advanced power tools designed to provide precise and controlled tightening of fasteners. Unlike a traditional electric torque screwdriver that relies solely on torque

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3.0 Amp Battery Upgrade

3.0 Amp Battery Upgrade now available with all Sumake Inline Cordless Screwdrivers. Cordless Torque Screwdrivers are an ideal way to allow for flexible work areas allowing the assembler to move around the assembly application with ease (no cords). We offer three different Inline Cordless Screwdriver packages, all packages come with 2 batteries and a battery

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Express Assembly Launches New Subsidiary: Express Industrial

AMHERST, N.H., September 8, 2022 ( – Express Assembly Products, a leader in assembly and automation tools, is thrilled to announce the launch of a subsidiary, Express Industrial. Express Industrial will offer a state-of-the-art tool line that is built to last for manufacturers and individuals working in the professional industries. These tools have been designed

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Benefits of a Robotic Ready Torque Screwdriver

Benefits of adding a Robotic Ready Torque Screwdriver to Your Assembly Operations Cut Assembly Time Down and Boost Productivity Optimize the Assembly Area Reduce Labor Costs Reduce the Number of Mistakes What is a Robotic Ready Torque Screwdriver? Assembly robots are computer-programmed and controlled machines that are used in manufacturing. A robotic ready torque screwdriver

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New Tool Management System EA-SC100

Take control of your shop floor with full visibility into your assembly operations via remote connectivity to your tools and fastening results. The EA-SC100 enables assembly manufacturers to take control of their shop floor with full visibility into their assembly operations via remote connectivity to their tools and fastening results. The system comes with a

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Why use an electric torque screwdriver on assembly applications?

There are 5 reasons why companies switch to torque screwdrivers: To ensure that fasteners are fastened with exact repeatable torque values. Many assembly applications are required by engineering design specifications or government specifications to ensure fasteners are torqued to a specific value within a +-3% torque deviation. Electric Torque Screwdrivers are ideal for these requirements.

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