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Choosing Between Torque Screwdrivers

Choosing Between Torque Screwdrivers!

Choosing between electric and air Torque Screwdrivers is a question we are often asked, here is what to consider.   If your company has compressed air infrastructure, air screwdrivers are probably your best option. Air, or pneumatic, screwdrivers typically require less maintenance, have a longer life span and are lighter than electric options. If your company is not set up for air screwdrivers or if you want the lowest upfront tool cost, electric drivers would be your best choice.

What style of screwdriver?

There are three ergonomically designed styles of screwdrivers that are each made for different assembly applications.  If the fasteners are being inserted vertically (straight up and down) inline grip screwdrivers are the best choice.  Inline grip screwdrivers insure that the operator’s wrist remains in an ergonomically correct position when fastening vertically.  When fasteners are being inserted horizontally (straight out from the body) pistol grip screwdrivers are the best choice.  Pistol grip screwdrivers insure that the operators wrist remains in an ergonomically correct position when fastening horizontally.  The angle head style screwdriver is a great fit for confined areas.  Due to its low profile it allows the operator to reach areas that traditional inline grip and pistol grip screwdrivers cannot access.

What type of clutch?

How to choose a torque screwdriver clutch type, our screwdrivers have two types of clutches. The best one for you depends upon your assembly application.  The slip clutch, also known as the cushion clutch, is a great fit for applications that are removing screws or applications where exact torque is not as important. These clutches slip once they come up to torque until the operator releases the activation lever.   The second type of clutch is the auto-shutoff clutch, which is ideal for applications requiring exact repeatable torque.   These clutches turn the screwdriver completely off once the desired torque setting is reached, assuring that no damage is done to the fastener or the joint.

What model?

Our electric and pneumatic torque screwdrivers come in a wide variety of torque and price ranges. When choosing Between Torque Screwdrivers please visit the following Buying Guides to choose the tool that is best for you:

How to Choose an Electric Screwdriver

How to Choose an Air Screwdriver 

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