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Introducing the New Low Torque Pistol Grip Cordless Screwdriver ES-B11002HA/E-25

Benefits of Low Torque Cordless Screwdrivers

  • High Accuracy Assurance
  • Ideal for Applications with Limited Space
  • High Mobility and Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • Excellent Combination of Power and Ergonomic Features
  • Outstanding Repeatable Torque


Key Features of the Sumake ES-B11002HA/E-25

  • Package Includes Two Batteries and a Charger
  • Features Dormancy Mode to Save on Battery Usage
  • Torque Cover Included
  • ESD Safe
  • Reverse/Forward easy access Switch
  • LED Light Indicates Good/No-Good Torque
  • Torque Adjustable by External Dial


What is the ES-B11002HA?

ES-B11002HA/E-25 is a low torque, pistol grip cordless screwdriver (Torque Range: 4.43-17.70 in-lbs) with a full auto shut-off clutch and powerful brushless motor. This screwdriver features an ergonomic, cordless design that ensures operator’s comfort and makes it easy to carry and operate. Common usages for these screwdrivers are assembly fastening applications that require precision torque control. Its compact size and pistol grip design make it ideal for limited space applications or areas where cables and hoses impede handling flexibility e.g., car interior electrical, car assembly, factory assembly, etc.

This low torque, cordless screwdriver has many design features that make it efficient and easy to operate. The screwdriver’s full auto shut-off clutch completely stops the bit from turning once the torque setting is reached. It also has a brushless motor that generates less heat, requires less maintenance, and is ideal for clean-rooms. A waist hook allows operators to easily carry the device by attaching it to their work belt.


This cordless screwdriver comes with a torque cover, which has a fixed ring design that prevents operators from adjusting the torque accidentally. It also features a dormancy mode which saves energy and increases standby time.  Once the screwdriver is idle for 5 seconds, it will turn to sleep mode and the power will be cut off when idle time exceeds 24 seconds, simply press the trigger to restore power.


Recommended Accessories:

Inline Cordless Torque Screwdriver Battery BP10251

Torque Screwdriver Battery Charger: BC10L01

Screw Setter: EAA-SD11


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