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Low Torque Solutions for Smaller Assemblies

Express Assembly is proud to feature two new low torque solutions, the SMT-301 and the ES-BS1002A-2S. The SMT-30I is a transducerized DC electric screwdriver with a torque range of 2.6 – 26.03 in-lbs. The ES-BS1002A-25 is an inline cordless brushless torque screwdriver with a torque range of 2.7 – 17.7 in-lbs. Both tools are robust solutions for smaller assemblies, including small electronics, circuit boards and small plastic fasteners.

Low Torque Applications 

Historically, low torque applications have typically been completed using manual hand tools. Using motorized torque tools instead of manual hand tools has many advantages including increased production output, repeatable torque control and decreased risk of injury to operators. Assembly costs are one of the highest direct labor costs and the use of motorized tool solutions can provide great cost savings. Especially for high volume situations, electric screwdrivers are typically the better option compared to manual tools.

The Importance of Precise Torque Application

In low torque applications, accuracy is essential for preventing damages and reliability failures. 

If the torque applied is too little, the fastener can vibrate and loosen over time. Conversely, if too much torque is applied, the fastener can become stressed causing thread stripping or breakage. Electric torque screwdrivers precisely control the amount of torque placed onto the screw ensuring that consistent torque is applied on each assembly. Low torque automated solutions, like the SMT-30I and ES-BS1002A-25 , give better control of repeatable, precise torque measurement than manual hand tools. 

Transducerized DC Screwdriver SMT 30I Features:

  • Smart controller enables operators to track tightening status (control unit included)
  • Set up different tightening parameter and transfer data
  • Operators can easily set-up and operate from the digital panel or PC
  • Lever and push to start
  • Brushless motor – ideal for clean-rooms
  • Torque range of 2.6 – 26.03 in-lbs

Inline Cordless Brushless Torque Screwdriver ES-BS1002A-25 Features:

  • Cordless setup provides the operator with more freedom to move around when working on larger assembly applications
  • High accuracy assurance: 3% torque deviation
  • Power saving: screwdriver goes into standby mode after being idle for over 3 seconds 
  • Premium brushless motor and a full auto shut-off clutch that completely stops the bit of the screwdriver once the torque setting is reached
  • Torque range of 2.7 – 17.7 in-lbs


Choosing the right screwdriver minimizes operator fatigue, boosts production outputs and lessens the chance for fastener failure. For more information on low torque electric screwdriver solutions contact Express Assembly.