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Pistol Grip Air Screwdriver Features

Express Assembly Products high performance air screwdrivers are designed to offer the ultimate in power and comfort.  The company’s wide selection of screwdrivers, available in straight grip, pistol grip and angle models, offer precise torque control and smooth action while tightening or loosening screws.  These screwdrivers provide an exceptional combination of power and ergonomic features.

The Pistol Grip Air Screwdriver Feature Set: 

  • Accuracy: a patented clutch with ±3% deviation of torque
  • Easy Torque Adjustment – An innovative external torque adjuster allows easy torque setting without tools.  Once the ideal torque is set, it can be locked with a torque cover (optional) so the screwdriver doesn’t become misadjusted.
  • Ergonomic grip: Made with soft resin, the grip is designed to be slip resistant and comfortable to hold.  The softly contoured hand grips conform to the way a user holds the tool during repetitive use for added comfort and control.
  • Quick change bit allows the operator to change the bit rapidly by pulling the bit to remove it and pushing on the bit head to put in a new bit.
  • Trigger auto lock: Includes an auto lock feature with the choice of PUSH or PUSH to Start providing increased operator safety.

Feature Chart

Express Assembly Products industrial screwdrivers provide high quality, durability and ergonomics for your most demanding applications.