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Automation Products

What are Automation Products? Automation Products are components and machines that can aid our customers in automating the fastening process. These are systems are durability tested and provide long term value to our manufacturing customers.  We are here to help you automate an operator’s workstation with components like vacuum pickup systems, smart power supplies and signal controllers. We can also help you to automate the entire manufacturing process through the use of  screw spindles, screwfeeders or robotic systems.

Why do you need Automation Products? By simply adding a screw presenter to already existing manufacturing process, assembly applications will increase by a minimum of 50% production rate.  In addition, by adding a screwfeeder unit, assembly applications can increase more than 75% over existing production rates. Another automation product that can be added onto an existing manufacturing process is our signal control screwdrivers. 

Need help determining the best way to integrate automation solutions into your current assembly processes? Give us a call on our toll free number 1-866-863-2302. We are here to help, and are ready to provide you with the best automation options for your assembly production needs.