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Automation Control Power Supplies

Automation Control Power Supplies

Automation control power supplies SP-BC32HL101T/C6, SP-BC40HL501T/C6 and SP-BC40HL801T/C6 come with screw counting, job level control and the ability to control a screwdriver (start, stop, etc) from a remote source like a PLC or a computer allowing for automation control signals.

  • Programmable both at the single fastener job and multiple fastener job
  • Programmable slow start time (0-9.9 secs) and speed (30% to 100% rated speed)
  • Programmable time windows for Good/No Good fastener verification
  • Inputs signals: Enable Forward (start screwdriver remotely ), Enable Reverse (start screwdriver remotely ), Clear
  • Outputs signals: Good, No Good, Batch Job Complete
  • Fastener count direction: Up or down
  • Screwdriver Control: Speed (Hi/Low) and Slow Start
  • And much more. 

How to Purchase: Our brushless screwdrivers are the best in the market and you can now purchase them with a smart power supply as well. Once you find the brushless screwdriver that meets your assembly requirement needs, simply add a power supply with counting functionality under the “Accessories” tab for that brushless driver. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

Need help determining the best way to integrate automation control power supplies into your current assembly processes? Give us a call on our toll free number 1-866-863-2302. We are here to help, and are ready to provide you with the best automation options for your assembly production needs. 

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