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Automation Torque Systems

Automation Torque Systems

The Torque Readout automation torque system uses our proprietary current mapping technology to convert a Premium Brushless Screwdriver’s traditional spring base clutch action into an estimated torque value with a readout toque deviation of +-10%. This is a great economic solution for assembly applications wanting to ensure that a torque range was applied,  and that the screw was inserted correctly.  

For those assembly applications requiring precise toque readout our Transducerized DC Electric Screwdrivers are a better solution. These screwdrivers have a transducerized shutoff system that returns exact torque values and can be used to programmatically set the shutoff torque for a screwdriver. This is a start-of-the-art solution for today’s demanding assembly applications. 

Both automation torque systems have a control unit that performs the following features:

  1. Final Torque Control – The driver will shutoff at a torque and report it back for verification and future reference. 
  2. Complete Rundown Control  – Control that allows a run down to a specific set torque and then reverse to a certain number of turns.
  3. Screw Counting – Associates a number of screws to an assembly job and verifies all screws are inserted before operator moves onto to next production step.
  4. Screw Verification – Tracks time and turns in order to ensure a screw is inserted correctly. 
  5. Part Association – Allows for tracking fastening information at the assembly part lever.
  6. Remote control of the fastening process via a computer or PLC (great for robot automation)
  7. Ability to lock the system so operators are unable to change settings. 

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