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Cordless Impact Wrenches

Express Assembly Products Cordless Impact Wrenches come with two batteries and a battery charger. Our Impacts come with shut-off clutches to save on battery usage and all Impacts have torque setting ranges that allows for fine tuning max torque ranges. These drivers are light weight and made to last for years.

All cordless impact wrenches have power settings where the max torque of the tool can be set. This helps to reduce output torque for lower torque assembly application. Our impacts come in ether standard 1/4″ hex drives or 1/2″ square drives. 

Our impact tools have a brushless motors that generate less heat, require less maintenance, and are ideal for clean-rooms. All cordless impacts come in packages with 2 batteries and a battery charger, leaving you with everything you need to get started.

All of our cordless drivers come with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 1 year warranty. With a state of the art Brushless Motor.

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