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Inline - Full Auto Clutch

Inline - Full Auto Clutch

The ED Series is a lightweight inline full auto clutch assembly electric torque screwdriver with an ergonomic design to ensures the operator’s comfort. It has excellent repeatable torque and is a direct plug-in unit. The ED-Series Screwdrivers are operated by either a lever or push start mechanism and come with two Philips bits, and an extra set of carbon brushes. It has a Full Auto Shut-Off clutch that shuts the screwdriver off once the preset torque is reached.  The torque setting is set by adjusting the stepless torque adjuster at the tip of the screwdriver.

Best for: Applications that require precision repeatable torque, for example machine screw applications, general assembly applications, or industrial application.

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All ED Series  inline full auto clutch screwdrivers come with a one year warranty on parts and a 30 day evaluation period.   

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