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Torque Reaction Arms

Torque Reaction Arms

EAA-AUX series Torque Reaction Arms are made exclusively for our electric screwdriver series. Choose the Torque Reaction Arm that matches your screwdriver size (medium or large body). Each Arm size can be purchased with a straight screwdriver adapter (for horizontal applications) or with an adjustable screwdriver adapter (allows the screwdriver to be set to any contact angle). 

Section Considerations: 

  1. Screwdriver Sizing Information:
    • EAA-AUXA-500 and EAA-AUX-500
      • Compatible Electric Screwdrivers : EA-BAN9350 – EA-BAN9500 (All Models)
    • EAA-AUXB and EAA-AUX
      • Compatible Electric Screwdrivers : EA-BAK960 – EA-BAK9250 (All Models)
    • EAA-AUX1A and EAA-AUX1
      • Compatible Electric Screwdrivers : EA712 – EA-745 and ED-617 – ED-645 (All Models)
    • EAA-AUX7 
      • Compatible Electric Screwdrivers : EA-BK760 – EA-BK7120 (All Models)
    • EAA-AUX1A-B and EAA-AUX1-B
      • Compatible Electric Screwdrivers : EA-BN630 – EA-BN650 (All Models)

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