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Universal Torque Arms

Universal Torque Arms

Torque Control Arms absorb the torque produced by assembly tools reducing operator fatigue and increasing overall productivity while balancing the tool’s weight. Universal Torque Arms may need additional adapters to work with Electric screwdrivers and pistol grip screwdrivers. Universal Torque arms work with air inline screwdrivers out of the box (click on details and go to the “accessories tab” to determine which adapters your assembly application requires).

Selection Considerations:

  1. Standard Arms Models allow the screwdriver’s bit end to move slightly allowing the operator to align the bit to the fastener. 
  2. Parallel Arm Models hold the screwdriver at a 90 degree angle to the fastener (no movement like the standard arm models). 
  3. Oil Cylinder Models do not require air making them a great solution for electric screwdrivers. 

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