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Torque Verification Systems

Torque Verification Systems

We currently have 2 torque verification systems; our Torque Readout System, and Transducerized DC Screwdrivers.

The Torque Readout Systems uses our proprietary current mapping technology to convert a Premium Brushless Screwdriver’s traditional spring base clutch action into an estimated torque value with a readout toque deviation of +-10%. This is a great economic solution for assembly applications wanting to ensure that a torque range was applied and that the screw was inserted correctly.  

Our second torque verification system, Transducerized DC Screwdrivers, are for those assembly applications requiring precise toque readout. These screwdrivers have a transducerized shutoff system that returns exact torque values and can be used to programmatically set the shutoff torque for a screwdriver. This is a start-of-the-art solution for today’s demanding assembly applications. 

Both system have a control unit that perform the follow features and more:

  1. Final Torque Control – The driver will shutoff at a torque and report it back for verification and future reference. 
  2. Complete Rundown Control – for example run down to a torque and then reverse a certain number of turns.
  3. Screw Counting – Associate a number of screws to an assembly job and verify all screws are inserted before operator move to next part. 
  4. Screw Verification – Tracks time and turns to ensure a screw is inserted correctly. 
  5. Part Association – Allow for tracking festering information at the assembly part lever.
  6. Remote control of the fastening process via a computer or PLC (great for robot automation)
  7. Ability to lock the system so operators are unable to change settings.