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Transducerized DC Control Tools

Transducerized DC Control Tools

Our transducerized DC control tools (electric transducer screwdrivers) consist of a smart controller and a range of handheld electric screwdrivers with a torque range up to 160 in-lbs. (soon to be extended to 450 in-lbs.).   This unit has been made to work in a standalone mode or integrated into an automated assembly process.   

Transducer Screwdrivers

  • Ergonomic design with rubber covered housing for operators’ comfort during operation
  • Push, lever or input signals can be used to start and stop the screwdriver
  • Colored LED operator status indicators (ok, error, job completed, etc.)
  • LED work light used to illuminate’s assembly part
  • Temperature protection
  • Full traceability and error proofing capabilities
  • Currently available in straight or fixture configuration
  • Easy access reverse push button

Smart Controller

  • Password Protected
  • Multiple programs (50 max) and sequences (max 50) can be setup via the control panel or PC program.
  • Tracks all tightening results down to the part level.
  • Data integration and control options (all come with base unit, pick best option for any assembly environment):
    • Lan,
    • WIFI
    • Serial port,
    • SD card,
    • I/O controls
  • Precise torque and screw turn control.
  • Displays Torque Graph via PC program.
  • Scanner inputs can be used for job control and part recording

Users can switch between multiple programs to achieve various tightening tasks within an application. Operators can also easily set-up and operate either from an external panel or PC, and settings can be locked using password and key to prevent unauthorized adjustment. With integrated SD card module, data logging, processing or transferring can be easily done without an internet connection or external module. Our transducerized DC control tools and Electric Screwdrivers deliver the information manufacturers need to know about their operations allowing them to improve processes, increase data collection, and minimize rework and damaged parts caused by inaccurate torque or fastening techniques.

All systems come with a one year warranty on parts and a 30 day evaluation period.