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Transducerized DC Screwdrivers

Transducerized DC Screwdrivers

Transducerized DC screwdrivers are power tools that employ transducer technology to drive fasteners into or remove them from assembly applications. They consist of a screwdriver with an internal transducer and an external controller used to program the screwdriver’s parameters for specific assembly tasks. Transducerized DC screwdrivers find common use in industrial and manufacturing settings where precise control over torque, turns, and tightening angle are required while fastening. These systems also offer the capability to collect and record data associated with the fastening process, enabling organizations to maintain essential information regarding each fastening operation. Our system provides multiple programmable parameters, including RPM, time, thread, drive direction, torque, and angle control. These parameters can be conveniently adjusted either through the controller or by utilizing the software package that accompanies our systems. Overall, transducer screwdrivers are designed to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce operator fatigue in screw-driving applications.

We offer two types of DC transducer screwdrivers:

  1. Torque Control: Ideal for assembly applications that require precise torque control without the need to monitor the torque angle.

  2. Torque and Angle Control: These screwdrivers allow you to torque fasteners to a specified angle after reaching a predefined torque value.

If you are unsure which screwdriver is best for your assembly needs, please give us a call.

All our systems come with a one year warranty on parts and a 30 day evaluation period.