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Counting & Automation Power
Supply SP-BC32HL101T/C6

The DC Power Supply SP-BC32HL101T/C6 with screw counting and automation control functionality is used with our Premium Low Torque Brushless Screwdrivers.

Key Features
  • Screw counting/verification
  • Input and Output Automation Controls
  • Enable the functionality you require 


  • Error Proofing (Timing, Counts and Job Control) 
  • Programmable both at the single fastener job and multiple fastener job
  • Local programming fuctionality
  • Counter: 1 – 99
  • Count direction: Up or down
  • Sensor Switch: On/Off
  • Programmable Slow Start time range: 0 – 9.9 seconds
  • Slow Start speed range: 30% – 100% Rated speed
  • Programmable time windows for Good/No Good fastener verification
  • NG alarm: On/Off with LED and Buzzer
  • OK alarm: On/Off with LED and Buzzer
  • External Inputs: Enable Forward (start screwdriver remotely ), Enable Reverse (start screwdriver remotely ),  Stop Screwdriver, Clear
  • External Outputs: OK/NG/OK All
  • Screwdriver Control: Speed (Hi/Low) and Slow Start
  • Operating voltage: (AC) 110V – 240V
  • Output Voltage: (DC) 24V, 23C, 32V
  • High/Low switch
  • Dimension (in): 9.72, 5.11, 3.9
  • Weight: (lbs) 3
  • CE/UL Approved

Error Proofing Power Supply SP-BC32HL101T/C6 uses timing, screw count and job control to ensure that screws are inserted correctly. It also comes with controls for Hi/Low RPM speed that controls the slow start control, output and input signals for external processing and screw counting/verification functionality. This power supply is ideal for applications that require error proofing, slow start, input/output automation signals, and screw counting functionality.

Use with Brushless Screwdrivers: 

EA-BN203L/CE6, EA-BN207L/CE6

EA-BN210L/CE6, EA-BN210P/CE6,

EA-BN412L/CE6, EA-BN412P/CE6


EA-BN419L/CE6, EA-BN419P/CE6

EA-BN412L/C6F, EA-BN412P/C6F


EA-BN419L/C6F, EA-BN419P/C6F