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The EA-SC100 Tool Management Package

The EA-SC100 is an add-on subsystem to the SMT series transducer screwdrivers that simplifies the setup and management of your Sumake transducer screwdrivers.  This system comes with a touch screen that allows for real time result viewing along with a remote management system for tool setup and data collection.  

Key Features

Works with SMT transducer screwdrivers





Simplified setup and data visualization  

  • Real time results shown on touch screen display 
  • Assembly verification via live Torque graph 
  • Effortless application configuration 
  • Color coded error and result messages 

Remotely monitor application status, productivity, and precision of all tools in facility 

  • Remotely monitor application status, productivity, and precision of all tools in facility
  • Collect all fastener information and store the data in one centralized location for all tools in facility
  • Batch data tracking by application
  • Cloud connectivity

Monitor driver from anywhere in facility  

  • Monitor driver from anywhere in facility
    Configure assembly jobs
  • Collect batch results from day-to-day operation
  • Set up user profiles with varying permission levels

Power Source: 12v DC
Size: 7″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″
Compatible with: SMT Series Driver (SMT series driver and control unit purchased separately)

Packages Comes with the follow:

  1. Tool Stand
  2. Bracket for SMT display unit (large black box) 
  3. Bracket and arm for EA-SC100 unit
  4. EA-SC100 unit

With the EA-SC-100 take control of your shop floor with full visibility into your assembly operations via remote connectivity to your Sumake Transducer Screwdrivers and fastening results.

Reduce costs and increase profitability

  • Automate torque control, prevent fastening errors, and ensure accurate communication between the top floor and the shop floor

Streamline assembly process

  • Easily configure assembly job applications with a comprehensive, real-time view
  • Increase efficiency with automated job control

Maintain quality, and protect brand reputation

  • Full traceability, data recording and operations monitoring for both you and your customers

The EA-SC100 package comes with the following:

  1. EA-SC100 sub system with display unit
  2. Stand that supports both the the EA-SC100 display unit and the SMT control unit. 
  3. Does not come with a SMT control unit of transducer screwdriver.  The EA-SC100 is an add-on subunit the these SMT Transducer Screwdriver Unit.