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DC Transducer Screwdriver

The SMT-50I is a Transducer DC Screwdriver with a state of the art brushless motor and a torque range of 8.55 – 44.25 in-lbs which comes with a control unit as well as a PC software kit. The PC software kit is used to setup the screwdriver for your assembly jobs.

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Key Features
  • Lever, Push or Remote Start
  • 8.85 – 44.25 in-lb
  • RPM 100 – 1100

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Transducer Screwdriver:

  • Lever and Push to start
  • Full Auto Shut-Off clutch
  • LED Status Indicators (ok, error, etc.)
  • Temperature protection
  • Full traceability and error proofing capabilities
  • Comes with ESD Safe Housing
  • Ergonomic Soft Grip
  • SMT-C1 Smart Control Unit is required
  • One year Warranty
  • Brushless Motor (ideal for clean-rooms)
  • Excellent combination of power and ergonomic features
  • Reverse/forward switch

Smart Controller: 

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multiple programs and sequences for assembly job configurations 
  • Tracks vital tightening information at the job and part level
  • Input/Outputs allow for external control of the screwdriver
  • Easily integrated into a robot environment 
  • Input/Output Control Signals
  • Serial Port Control Communication/Interface
  • WiFi and LAN Control Communication/Interface
  • Power source: 32/40 VDC
  • Torque setting: Stepless (set via user interface)
  • Torque range: 8.885 – 44.25  in-lb (10.2 – 51 kg-cm)
  • R.P.M:  1001100
  • Standard Torque Deviation: +-7%
  • Communication Protocols:  Input/Output  signals,  Serial Port, WiFi and LAN all supported!
  • Weight: 1.77 lb (800g)
  • Length: 10.9″ (278mm)
  • Grip diameter: 1.6″ (40mm)
  • UL and CE certified

Pairing the SUMAKE SMT-50I Transducer DC Screwdriver with the SMT-C1 smart controller enables operators to track tightening status, set up different tightening parameters (torque/thread/time) and transfer data a variety of different ways. Users are able to switch between multiple customizable programs to achieve various tightening tasks. This Unit is easily set-up and can be operated either from the panel or a PC or PLC.  

You enter a fastener’s profile into this system and then associate the fastener with a job that allows you to control all aspect of the tightening process (for example):

  1. Torque Control – Configurable user interface sets torque, turns and timing limits by job and fastener.
  2. Data – All fastener information can be stored electrically for future reference.
  3. Rundown Control– Complete control of the rundown process, for example run down to a torque value and then reverse a certain number of turns.
  4. Screw Counting – Associate a number of screws to an assembly job and verify all screws are inserted before operator move to next part. 
  5. Part Association – Allow for tracking festering information at the assembly part level.
  6. Remote Control – Use a computer or PLC to remotely start and stop screwdriver (great for robot automation)
  7. Security: Ability to lock the system so operators are unable to change settings. 

This system has it all and can be customized to your assembly application have a questions request more information to find out the full capabilities of this tool today.


The list below is the common replacement parts. If you do not see the part you are looking for please fill out a replacement part form and we will contact you with cost and delivery information.

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