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Setting a Screwdriver’s Torque

Setting a Screwdriver’s Torque by Express Assembly products,  screwdrivers use external torque adjustment knobs to achieve a torque setting. These knobs are very easy to use and allow a screwdriver’s torque to be set at any value between its maximum and minimum torque settings. Our screwdrivers come with an external grid (see figure 1) and associated torque chart (see figure 2 ) that can be used to approximately set a screwdriver’s torque. The torque grid on the screwdriver is matched to the “Mark” column in the torque chart to approximate a screwdriver’s torque setting.

Figure 1
Figure 2

For assembly applications that require exact torque setting, it is recommended that a torque meter (see figure 3) is used to set the screwdriver’s torque and that the screwdriver’s torque setting is checked at a regular interval. For these applications, it is also recommended that a torque cover (see figure 4) is used to help protect the screwdriver’s torque setting from being accidently modified. The torque cover simply covers the screwdriver’s torque knob to ensure that it is not changed during usage.

Figure 3
Figure 4