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Why use a torque control arm

Torque Control Arm systems absorb the torque produced by assembly tools reducing operator fatigue and increasing overall productivity while balancing the tool’s weight.  A second benefit is that many torque control arms hold the screwdriver to a 90 degree angle to the fastener assuring that the fastener is inserted straight without any cross threading issues, reducing the chance of damaging the work parts.


Assembly work-sites poorly arranged lead to potential injuries and expenses. Risk factors increase when operating high speed power tools. Manufacturers in large and small facilities often use power tools for tightening fasteners. When power tools produce an unwanted torque reaction that transfers to the assembler’s hand repetitively can cause stress injuries over time. This sudden transfer of force and sufficient exposure could result in the wrist can being injured.

Express Assembly Torque Control Arms will increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs. Our Torque Control Arms will reduce the twist on the operator’s hand and operator fatigue.

Industry standards recommended for torque control arms being used:

For women torque over 40 in-lbs and for men torques over 60 in-lbs


Position control – Torque Control Arms ensure that the screwdriver’s bit makes a 90 degree angle to the fastener reducing the chance of damaging the work parts. Your Express Assembly torque control arm will keep your work area clean and uncluttered.


Express Assembly Torque Control Arms Air/Electric





EAA-AUX series Reaction Torque Arms are made exclusively for our electric screwdriver series. Choose the Arm that matches your screwdriver size (medium or large body). Each Arm size can be purchased with a straight screwdriver adapter (for horizontal applications) or with an adjustable screwdriver adapter.






Telescopic Torque Arms – Extendable torque absorbing arms work with both Electric and Air Torque Screwdrivers. An adjustable clamp makes it possible to use these torque arms with our entire screwdriver line (clamp dimensions 1.4-1.77 inches).







Universal Torque Arms work with all Torque Screwdrivers

Universal Torque Arms may need additional adapters to work with Electric screwdrivers and pistol grip screwdrivers.  These Torque arms work with air inline screwdrivers out of the box (click on details and go to the “accessories tab” to determine which adapters your assembly application requires).






Linear Torque Arms for Small Body Electric Screwdrivers

Linear Torque Arms ensure that the Screwdriver contacts the fastener at a right angle.

SUMAKE torque arm is an excellent tool of assistance when using handheld or fixtured straight screwdrivers, which is exceptionally easy to position and handle.