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Torque Readout Screwdrivers – New Product Announcement

Express Assembly Products is introducing Sumake North America’s line of Torque Readout Screwdrivers.  Sumake’s system allows the user to capture vital screwdriver readings including torque range, fastener turns, fastening times and screw count.  The new system combines Smart Torque Readout Display with Sumake’s premium brushless torque clutched screwdriver technology. The system provides instant Torque Readout values that can be recorded on a computer or captured on an integrated PLC system. The screw counting functionality assures that the user has inserted the correct number of screws without stripping or cross-threading any.

Express Assembly’s electric torque screwdrivers readout systems come with brushless motors, a 1-year warranty and certification of torque accuracy.

Express Assembly Express Assembly Products is one of the largest single sources of light torque assembly tools and related products on the web. The company offers a wide range of electric, pneumatic and torque screwdrivers, as well as a full range of accessories and stands for industrial assembly. Express Assembly offers a Calibration Certification program and is an authorized service center for all screwdrivers and torque meters that it sells.