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Linear Torque Arm TA-22050B

The TA-22050B is a Linear Torque Arm made for our electric and air torque screwdrivers. This stand holds the screwdriver at a right angle to the work piece and reduce the twist on the operator’s wrist reducing operator’s fatigue.  

Key Features
  • Tool Weight Capacity 1.5 –  5.9 lbs 
  • Max Torque Capacity 88 in-lbs 
  • Clamp Diameter Range .98- 1.77″
  • Vertical Stroke 11.8″


  • Maximum reach 11.8 inches (300 mm)
  • Bearings ensure smooth horizontal movement
  • Comes with spring balancer
  • For use with electric and air torque tools
  • Includes stand and spring balancer, does not include screwdriver
  • Absorbs torque reducing operator fatigue

The TA-22050B Torque Arm system is designed to improve safety by reducing operator fatigue and increasing overall productivity. It completely eliminates the torque felt by the operator wrist reducing the chance of repetitive stress injuries. It ensures that all fasteners are inserted at a perfect right angle eliminating crossing threading increasing productivity.  The spring balancer resistance can be adjusted making the tool feel weightless as the operator moves it up and down during the fastening process.   This is an ideal tool for any assembly application and if you torque or tool range falls outside the specifications for the TA-22050B please see her big sister the TA-22070B!