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Electric Torque Screwdriver

The ED-630LH1 is an electric torque screwdriver (range: 8.8-26.4in-lbs) with an ergonomic design to ensure the operator’s comfort.

Key Features
  • Lever Start
  • 8.8 – 26.4 in lbs
  • RPM 1000
  • +- 3% Torque Deviation


  • Lever start
  • Direct Plug-in
  • One Year Warranty
  • Excellent combination of power and ergonomic features
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Automatic shut-off precision clutch
  • Reverse/forward switch
  • Excellent repeatable torque
  • External replaceable brushes
  • Torque adjustable by external dial
  • Power source: 110~120VAC
  • Torque setting: Stepless
  • Torque range: 8.8-26.4 in-lb (10.0-30.0 kgf-cm)
  • Standard Torque Deviation: +/-3(%)
  • R.P.M: 1000
  • Machine screw:  .12~.20″ (3.0 – 5.0mm)
  • Tapping screw: .12~.16″ (3.0 – 4.0mm)
  • Weight: 1.54lb (700g)
  • Length: 10.6″ (269mm)
  • Grip diameter: 1.6″ (41 mm)
  • RoHS Certified: Yes
  • Can be provided with 220~240V AC power source

The ED-630LH1 stands out as an electric torque screwdriver, offering a torque range of 8.8-26.4 in-lbs. Its ergonomic design prioritizes operator comfort during use. The inclusion of a Full Auto Shut-Off clutch is a notable feature, halting the bit’s rotation upon reaching the preset torque setting. This proactive mechanism serves to prevent damage to the fastener, ensuring a reliable and precise torque application.

The ED-630LH1 electric torque screwdriver finds frequent application in assembly processes where precision torque control is paramount. The device’s capabilities make it a reliable tool for tasks that demand accuracy and a careful approach to torque management.