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Adjusting the Torque on an Electric Screwdriver

There are two simple methods of adjusting an Electric Torque Screwdriver from Express Assembly Products to the correct torque your assembly application requires.

Torque Curve

The first way of adjusting torque is to go to the Select the model screwdriver you want to calibrate. Then select the “Features” tab. Click the, “Click here for torque curve”, link at the bottom of the Features section. A new window will open that has the correct torque curve for your screwdriver (example: the torque curve for our ED-212L1 can be found at the following link: Note that the torque curve is not an exact measurement and should only be used as a guideline.

When you look at your screwdriver, you’ll see a scale on the nose of the screwdriver. Match the scale on the screwdriver to the torque curve setting that yor assembly application requires.  Turning the knob right will increase torque and left will decrease torque. 

Adjusting Torque Using a Torque Meter

The second way of adjusting the torque is to use a torque meter. Start out by zeroing your meter. To do this, press the bottom left button on the torque display that says, “Zero”, until the screen reads zero. Next, check to confirm that the run-down nut is completely unscrewed before starting . If you start the calibration when the run-down nut is down then your torque reading will be off.

Once the torque meter is properly set up, place the the bit on your driver into the top of the run-down nut. Apply just enough pressure to allow the driver to screw into the torque meter. If you apply more pressure than that, then your torque reading will not be accurate. Once the run-down nut is screwed all the way into the torque meter a reading will appear on your torque display that is your current torque. Adjust the knob on the driver as needed: left to decrease torque or right to increase torque. Keep testing until you have the correct torque for your assembly application.

NOTE: Before setting the torque on a screwdriver, the rundown nut must always be backed off 5 – 10 turns.  If this is not done the torque meter will not record accurate torque readings.