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Why Get an Industrial Electric Torque Screwdriver

We are often asked how our electric torque screwdrivers are different than the tools you can purchase at your local hardware store. Tools made for industrial assembly applications are designed to run all day, 7 days a week, even multiple shifts a day.  The tools offered by local hardware stores just cannot keep up to this kind of industrial demand. Our tools also offer precision reportable torque –  a must to ensure that assembly applications are fastened consistently. So if you are tired of replacing tools monthly, recharging batteries, reworking assemblies, or issues with inconsistent torque it is time to try one of our industrial assembly torque screwdrivers.

Repeatable Torque Control

Why is torque control so important?  It saves in production costs by ensuring product quality, a reduction in assembly errors, and eliminates over/under tightening of fasteners.  These electric torque screwdrivers are essential for companies looking to ensure the quality of their product assemblies with repeatable torque.  An electric screwdriver from Express Assembly Products is manufactured for precision repeatable torque control. 

Clutch Design

There are basically 2 different types of clutch designs the Full Auto and Slip/Cushion. The Full Auto clutch is designed to automatically stop when the preset torque has been reached. This design has a torque accuracy of +- 3% and is a standard in the assembly industry. The Slip/Cushion design has a torque accuracy of +- 5% and can be used for assembly applications not requiring precise torque control.


Ergonomics is very important when choosing an electric screwdriver. For applications that are vertical (90 degree angel from the ground) an inline screwdriver is the best choice ensuring that the operators wrist and arm are in a natural position when using the tool.   For applications that are horizontal (parallel to level ground) a pistol grip screwdriver is the best choice to ensure the operators wrist and arm stay in a natural position when using the tool. It is also recommend that for torque values above 80 in-lbs that the tool be used with a torque arm to reduce twist on the operator’s wrist.

Brushless Motors

The newest advancement has been in the screwdrivers motors. To reduce vibration, duty time and maintenance while increasing motor life we now have  a full line of electric screwdrivers with brushless motors. Users can feel the difference right away when using screwdrivers built with brushless motors. These features along with a 2 year warrantee and no motor maintenance make these electric screwdrivers a great value to any companies’ assembly products. 

Electric Torque Screwdriver Applications

Common applications for electric torque screwdriver can be found in industries like electronics, medical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, contract manufacturing and anywhere fasteners are used to assembly a product.

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